Anthony Medina

Anthony Medina

Coach and Nutrition Coach

Squat 345,

Clean and Jerk 245

Deadlift 375

Snatch 155

Fran 4:25

CrossFit Level-2

CrossFit Kids

Nutrition Coaching

About Coach

Life is short, especially when you're not happy. Most people that walk through our doors for the first time are not happy with something in their lives. As a Coach, it's my responsibility to change that and bring out the very best in everyone every single day.

Turning Point

I was working in the customer service industry and going nowhere for countless years but knew there was something bigger than to accomplish. I had plenty of self-doubts that I could do something more meaningful, I was my worst enemy. Not until my wife encouraged me to take a leap of faith and helped us open Turnbull and now we are fortunate enough to help guide our community to feel better about themselves. Sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction by those that care the most for us, we just have to be open for change.

Motivation & Passion

Our purpose is to guide and motivate our members to achieve their goals and no goal is too small. We help any and every athlete achieve greatness and discover new heights every day, regardless of anyone's level of fitness. My motivation is to see our members have fun and reach goals they never imagined possible, that's the magic in coaching.

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