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This is when the real work on your nutrition begins and the bigger changes take place. We are finishing up this week talking about...
By Coach Anthony
Anthony Medina
August 5, 2021
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This is when the real work on your nutrition begins and the bigger changes take place. We are finishing up this week talking about nutrition (Macro and Micronutrients) by writing about our “4-week Reset Nutrition Challenge” and our first after the Covid shutdown. We waited for a month after reopening to have all our members get comfortable being back in the gym and not have to stress about their weight or bad eating habits. But it didn’t take long to have many, and I mean many of our members complained about the weight they had gained and/or the muscle they had lost during the 3-month shutdown. Hence the title “Reset Challenge.”

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, eat less sugar or junk, learn better eating habits, or just tired of feeling run down. A nutrition challenge is a simple and fun way to start changing your habits for the better. ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT in my opinion are the most important factors you need when you are looking to change anything meaningful in your life. We all tend to stray away from what’s challenging (eating healthy) either because we don’t know how to change, or we don’t know where to begin. This is where a Nutrition coach can help guide you to change your habits and instill new ones and get you to meet your goals. It doesn’t matter how good you think you eat; you can always improve your habits for the better. 

Why I enrolled in the challenge with our members:

I needed more accountability during our Covid shut down. I had gained 8 pounds in 3 months, not a big deal to most but I had been at the same weight consistently for over 3 years, 3 solid years. I fell into the habit of eating more sugar products, drinking too much caffeine, drinking less water, eating out countless times per week, eating at odd hours of the day which lead to sleeping less and more stress. I didn’t see the difference right away, but I did feel the difference in my body and workout performance very quickly. But none the less, I did not stop my bad habits and I kept justifying the extra pounds by blaming it on stress. But after a while I knew that was bullshit and I had to take control of my actions. 

If I have disappointed anyone by reading this paragraph, I am truly sorry, but I am human and make mistake. I hope this doesn’t take away from the fact that I want to help my members and community maintain their health.

So, you see folks, even a coach that preaches nutrition, fitness, and health can have rough patches in life that affects their normal way of being. This is why having a Nutrition coach to hold you accountable, support and understand you when you hit some rough patches is crucial for your change. 

I can speak for myself that after 3 weeks I have dropped the extra weight that I gained, eating less processed sugar, sleeping better, and my workouts are easier to finish, and recovery is quicker. As for most of our Nutrition Challengers, we are seeing the transformation and results in their faces, bodies, and performances. A Challenge is great start but now that it’s almost over, the real work begins with Ongoing Nutrition coaching, which you will read next. We all have goals, let us help you achieve yours.

-Coach Anthony 

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