The Problem with Cherry Picking WODS

Now that you understand the definition, I will put it in workout terms for you to follow and understand.
By Coach Anthony
Anthony Medina
August 5, 2021
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Cherry Picker: the action or practice of choosing and taking only the most beneficial or profitable items, opportunities, etc., from what is available. 

Now that you understand the definition, I will put it in workout terms for you to follow and understand. A WOD cherry picker shows up to workouts that have movements they like or are good at and don’t show up when their least favorite movements are in the workout. (Running and burpees come to mind).  

When most of our athletes first at Turnbull they always have GOALS. The big ones are to lose weight, get stronger, and do a pull-up. Our response is always; have fun, have a healthy eating plan, and be consistent with your attendance. What’s the big deal if you purposely avoid showing up to the gym because you don’t like the movement in the workout? You won’t be BETTER, and no one comes to Turnbull to be average, but they do show up to see progress. When you have wholes in your fitness, it eventually shows up in workouts. Even in the ones with your favorite movements. 

CrossFit is about functional fitness but more importantly it’s about moving well and moving well CONSISTENTLY. Consistency is brought on by practice. You don’t miss work on the day of the big presentation because you don’t like to speak in front of an audience, right? So, you practice and sharpen your speaking skills to perform when it matters most. Same thing in the gym, the warm-up is your practice time and the WOD is your performance time.

Another aspect that your missing is how all movements help other ones. Push-up will help your pull-ups, burpees will help make you a better runner by increasing your cardio, snatches will make your clean feel easier, overhead squats will help your gymnastics by increasing your core and shoulder strength. It’s all connected folks!

If you feel you are getting stagnant with your progress, ask yourself this first. Have I been consistent and what do I want to get better at? We hope you answer yes and everything. But if it’s not, get in the gym more often regardless of what the workout is. When you miss a day you miss a lot, not just the physical aspect but the knowledge in the explanation of the workout and why you are doing those specific movements. 

To be clear, I just want to bring awareness to this so you can all become a healthier, better, all around athletes.  


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