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The last 4 months brought us Covid-19, mandatory shutdowns, stay at home orders, civil unrest, and a new way of life. It wasn’t easy for...
By Coach Anthony
Anthony Medina
August 5, 2021
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The last 4 months brought us Covid-19, mandatory shutdowns, stay at home orders, civil unrest, and a new way of life. It wasn’t easy for many of us and some of us are still coping with the adjustments; wearing a mask, standing 6 feet away from someone, working from home, becoming your child’s teacher, etc. We weren’t immune to any of it and delivering a new way to workout was the hardest thing to do but it helped give us a purpose.

My wife, family, and I want to thank everyone that trusted us with their health and fitness during the three months that were mandated to close. You are the reason we were able to reopen our doors on June 15, for that we will be forever thankful. I do apologize to anyone that felt cheated through it all and if I would have known how to have done things better, I would have. It was the first time we had ever experienced anything of this magnitude and quite frankly never saw it coming or able to prepare quick enough. Who would have thought it have taken this long?

I’m pretty sure many of you thought, as well as I did that we would only be closed for a few weeks. But then we weren’t, and the time kept extending week after week than month after month. Frustration increased every day as the tv news reported increased restrictions and extended closures. It wasn’t easy coping with the reality that we couldn’t walk into the gym, workout with friends, laugh and high five one another. Especially when constantly asked, “When are we able to go back?” Being allowed to deliver your workouts via zoom, text, or videos did help keep my sanity and faith that we would be ok most of the time. What can I say, I am human and lost hope a few times.

But your positive messages and phone calls that seem to come at the time where I needed it most helped me refocus and I can’t thank you enough for that. We are open now and have changed a few things; class structure; check in system, temperature checks, and class size. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to you and your health. Again, if it weren’t for your support, we wouldn’t of be here today and for that you’ll have our endless gratitude. We plan on making our gym better by fixing our past mistakes to help create an even better experience for you, your family and friends.  

Thank you again:

Alicia, Alex, Ali, Amy, Andres, Angel, Angella, Armando, Ashton, Barbara, Blossom, Brenda, Bridgett, Carmen, Cassandra, Cathy, Cedric, Christine, Claudia, Connie, Cory, Crystal, Debra, Devin, Diana, Efren, Eleana, Fabi, Frank, Liz, Erica, Evelyn, Gabriel, Gaby, Galen, Gus, Hugo, Javier, Jeannette, Jeremiah, Jesus, Jesus, Jo, Jorge, Juan, Kathy, Krissy, Kristy, Laiza, Lisa, Lori, Manny, Martha, Matt, Matt, Mike, Michelle, Mona, Nicholas, Pati, Raymond, Sam, Samuel, Sarah, Shannon, Sunny, Susie, Sylvia, Tony, Tori, Vanessa, Vanessa, Waseem, Yannelly, and Zeena,


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