CrossFit Gym Over Garage Gym

CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad domains.” That’s the physical and...
By Coach Anthony
Anthony Medina
August 5, 2021
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CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad domains.” That’s the physical and science aspect of the sport but it doesn’t give a true insight and true value of the atmosphere or the people of every gym. With the Covid pandemic among us and no end in sight, the importance and value of a CrossFit gym is bigger than ever. Aside from keeping our members and community healthy, CrossFit gyms help provide so much more. Guidance, accountability, a plan, comradery, sense of belonging, endless knowledge, and value. Let’s compare what a home gym provides vs. a CrossFit gym.

Home gyms are great for those that are self-motivated, content with just moving, own your equipment, workout whenever you please, and do not have to travel far for a sweat session. Those are all very cool benefits, again for those that can train on their own and maximize their potential. Many of us can’t do that, even those with a garage full of equipment. I myself have plenty of equipment in my garage but it doesn’t give me my best workouts. 

I, like most of my members love working out at the CrossFit gym (a.k.a the box) because of the value our coaches and members provide. Guidance and accountability are the two key factors that come to mind. We all need guidance and I know when I walk into my workout, my coach has a plan for me on how to move and the results he/she is looking for me to achieve. On top of that, they will correct my movement if it erodes which helps my performance and recovery times. 

Accountability is huge, especially with the crazy times we are in and ever-changing schedules. When a member has been absent from the gym for more than a few days, your coach will call you to remind you that you’ve been missing. No other gyms (global gyms, meaning: 24-hour or Esporta Fitness) will do that. Unfortunately, those gyms are closed now but they never called me when I had a membership and missed a week. Those types of gyms don’t care if you show up or not, they base their profit margins on you not showing up. A simple phone call shows that they care and goes a long way.

Working out at home becomes just working out without true goals in mind. Not so at CrossFit. Every workout has your goals in mind and the coaches’ coach you with that in mind. Roadmaps are created for every individual to follow and achieve their goals quicker.

The camaraderie and sense of belonging cannot be replaced when working out at home. You can’t connect with people by yourself or get cheered on when you need that last boost of energy to finish the workout. Having a sense of pride when you accomplish something you never could before (your 1st push up or pull-up, being able to run again without stopping, or lifting something without pain). You feel you belong at any age because everyone helps you feel at home, is happy to see you, they know your name, and they want to help you get better. You are not walking around aimlessly with headphones in your ears trying to figure out your next movement. 

Knowledge bombs are being dropped on you every day in every class by coaches and members alike. Talking about mindset, training, nutrition, family values, best places to eat and hang out, and everything that interest you outside the gym. This is where the community of a CrossFit gym lies, the people around you. 

The value of mental and physical health that a CrossFit class gives can be priceless to some but not so much to others and that’s ok. You need to ask yourself what are you worth? The fact is that you will get more value from a CrossFit gym than a home gym. 

Having a gym at home can be convenient but it cannot replace the value a CrossFit gym provides. It doesn’t matter your age, past experience, no experience, or previous injuries, we can help you when you’re ready to start. Bring a friend with you if that helps make you a bit more comfortable to start. If you don’t have anyone to come with, don’t worry, there are plenty of friends to be made here. What are you waiting for? An invitation, well I just sent you one!

-Coach Anthony 

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