Am I Too Old To CrossFit?

Are you ever too old to live life to the fullest? I can’t recall how many times I have heard, I am too old to start CrossFit, I have heard..
By Coach Anthony
Anthony Medina
August 5, 2021
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Are you ever too old to live life to the fullest? I can’t recall how many times I have heard, I am too old to start CrossFit, I have heard it that many times. And my response is always the same, “Are you too old to live a better life?” That answer should always be NO, you are not! I bring this question to light because I think about my father who lives pretty sedentary lifestyle, diabetic, on multiple medications and complains about their aches, pains, and what physical activities they can’t do anymore. Even walking can become a chore. But it’s not a lack of ability he doesn’t increase his activity, it’s his choice not to. As a son, it breaks my heart but I can’t force him or anyone to do something they don’t want to do. I am writing this to let you all know that there is a better way to go about life.

Here at CrossFit Turnbull, we understand that the age affects our movement, muscle development, motor skills, coordination, and recovery process, etc. But the great news is that we train our athletes (individually according to their goals, experience, and age) and that means any age. We have two particular athletes who are 62 and 64 years young respectively and they both have been members with us for the last 4 years. 

Sylvia’s biggest fear is to not be able to get off the floor if she ever falls. Guess what? Over a year ago, she tripped and fell as she walked her dogs, but was able to break her fall. She credit that fearful moment to getting her 5 CrossFit workouts in every week. She got strong enough to break her fall and was able to get up on her own. Now she has enough energy to walk 5-7 miles per day aside from her showing up Monday-Friday at 5:30 am to workout with us.

Cathy is another Silver athlete that is consistently at our 5:30 am class during the week. Her motivation is to not be on meds in her later years (she is not on any now and tends to keep it that way) and be able to move around freely with her new grandchild. When asked why Cathy continues to come to Turnbull, Cathy regular states, “This is the best part of my day and being immobile sucks!”

Both ladies have battled injuries inside and outside the gym, who hasn’t. But the great part about their training is that they are still able to train because our coaches modify the workouts when needed. The point of working out is to feel better, get stronger, and stay healthy and we as coaches help facilitate that every day. Older age should not be a hindering factor of why not to start at training, it should be the motivating factor to start. Come see what you have been missing and how guidance in your training will make your everyday chores that much easier. You have read two sides of the spectrum, which will you choose?

Coach Anthony 

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